Web is a durational performance where the artist is entangled and suspended in the air by a structure made up of suits: a network of intertwined lies, presumptions and traditions that support and restrict the world order. One could spend a lifetime thinking – what's wrong with me? Why can I not do this? Why is it so hard? Why is there a barrier at every step?

The idea of work/employment is built on a male prototype, with childcare/home life built on its female counterpart. How can we make life possible within ambitious and self-gratifying employment? People have children. Why should that ever stop anything, or make you more homebound? Why cannot life continue? Work is also life, it is not imprisonment.

Fine little lines keep us where we are: minute systematic improvements for one or other in one or other sphere. Like the fly of the trouser, to help the male urinate quickly and conveniently. No such improvements to women's clothing, just restrictions. To mention one: a garment to control the hight/shape of the breast - and please under any circumstances don't get it out to feed your child in public! Every single bodily function of the female is regulated, discussed, frowned upon. So many of these normal functions are not 'lady-like'.

Now here Liene hangs as if crucified, incarcerated by the web but also protected from a painful fall. She is here to say – there is nothing wrong with us, we are disabled by society.

With special thanks to my engineer and good friend Raquel Yago Boj, rigging specialist Barry Hudson and the staff at Flints, the aerial performer Lina Jungergard, my caving/climbing friend Renata Kaminska, my family, 101 hosts Dario and Franca, the POW Thanet team and Richard Greenan!