'Vir/femina' depict gender-specific hair placed on female face. 'Femina' depicts misplaced pubic hair and speaks about the idea of a woman being hairless from the hairline down as a social norm, it speaks of a porn culture dictating the fashion of hairless – prepuberty look for female genital area. It speaks of women feeling more comfortable, more 'clean' without their natural hair on the body. It speaks about the time woman spends removing it and in controversy about adding hair to gain feminine eyelashes – thick, long and dark. 'Vir' continues with the lashes – it depicts a woman with a beard made from false eyelashes. This image speaks about maleness. Beard is not allowed on female body, it is an instant sex-determinator, the same as thick, long, dark and/or false eyelashes are. The combination of unwanted beard and desired, but fake lashes speaks about the fluid nature of gender.