Turner Contemporaries, December 2019, The Pie Factory Margate
24hr disco, September 2019, part of Margate NOW, Primark Building, Margate
Riga Performance Festival: Starptelpa, Free Viv, June 2019, H2O 6 kvartāls, Riga, Latvia
Prufrock, Makeup tutorial to prepare the face, May 2019, Stretch Outsider Gallery, Margate
Lunchtime Disco, March 2019, POW Thanet festival, Stretch Outsider Gallery, Margate
Visions in the Nunnery, Free Viv, October 2018, Frieze First Thursday Performance Evening, Bow Arts Trust, London
Appropriate, September 2018, part of Margate Festival 2018: NOW, pubs and clubs of Margate
The Sex Show, Keep Your Legs Shut, July 2018, Margate Pride fundraiser, Viking Gallery, Margate
Whitstable Satellite, Order, June 2018, Whitstable and Tankerton beaches
Why do you never speak?, Free Viv, May 2018, The Horsebridge Arts Centre, Whitstable
Front of House, March 2018, Pie Factory Margate
Face, February 2018, Casement Arts, Folkestone
Web, March 2017, POW Thanet 2017, 101 Social Club, Margate
#1, January 2017, Flat38 Gallery, Margate
FiLiArt: Refuge, December 2016, Feminism in London exhibition and symposium, London
Face, September 2016, solo exhibition at Pie Factory, Margate
Summer Salon, July 2016, Candid Arts Trust, London
Summer Salon 2016, June 2016, Islington Arts Factory, London
Bow Arts Open 2013, September 2013, SE1 Open Studios, London
Bow Arts Open 2012, June/July 2012, SE1 Open Studios, London
Degree Show 2011, June 2011, Camberwell College of Arts undergraduate show, London
Open, March 2011, Camberwell College project space, London
Homeless Gallery, November 2010, Deconstruction Project, Dilston Grove, Southwark Park, London
2nd Cut, May 2010, Biscuit Factory, Bermondsey, London


BA(Hons) Fine Art Photography
University of the Arts London, Camberwell College of Art, 2008 - 2011
Dissertation title: Are women-only art shows achieving the feminist cause?


Appropriate Short film of Margate Festival NOW 2018 https://www.margatefestival.org/ + https://www.margatefestival.org/2018
Liene Steinberga Cesar. Taming of the Chimera. December 2016 http://noveltymag.com/taming-of-the-chimera/
Bob Chicalors on Front of House at the Pie Factory
Mirka Kotuličova. (Not) Getting Personal. January 2017 https://mirkabluus.wordpress.com/2017/01/24/not-getting-personal/
Twinkle Troughton. Interview: Claire Orme and her new gallery Flat38. January 2017 http://cloudct9.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/interview-claire-orme-and-her-new.html